This was compiled for those who may prefer to watch video tutorial, as this may save them a lot of time.

In case you don’t know how to configure your metamask for Binance Smart Chain Testnet, use the information below.

Step 1: Testnet

Network Name: Smart Chain — Testnet


ChainID: 97

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

Or visit Binance Academy

Step 2: watch this video on how to create testnet token on Binance Smart Chain

Step 3: How to buy presale on Dxlaunchpad

Step 4: Don’t forget to fill this form, report your feedback here

If you have questions, kindly reach the admin via Telegram.

Twitter, Youtube and Website.

DiamondToken was born out of an intention to ensure equal wealth distribution and it serves as the utility token that will power all transactions and innovations within the DiamondToken ecosystem.

We are proud of our community and the milestones that we have achieved in the last 2 months since we…

The last few weeks have been busy weeks for us, the team is working round the clock to ensure that round pegs are inserted into the round holes.

We are at the execution stage, every step that we take is about equal distribution of wealth through the Binance Smart Chain.

Diamonds are rare gems and very expensive. The digital version should to. You have a chance to own one. There will be 5000 Max Supply.

A very rare and expensive Gem

DIAMOND Token Specs



DIAMOND Token Utility

1. Staking pools will be setup to farm 2207 tokens.
2. Profits from farming projects will be used to buy…


Decentralized financing on the Binance Smart Chain (Farming, Multi-chain Launchpad, and AMM)

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