Diamond Token Launch

A very rare and expensive Gem

DIAMOND Token Specs


DIAMOND Token Utility

1. Staking pools will be setup to farm 2207 tokens.
2. Profits from farming projects will be used to buy off Diamond tokens.
3. LP tokens will be locked to guarantee and prevent RUG PULL
4. DIAMOND Token is a Governance token. You will need it to vote.
5. Contract address 0x3e8cfdd483c5818c5a4a799cbaae324002d086ad
6. We would look for lucrative IDOs, Launchpads and good tokens to invest in. Returns from such investments will be channeled into buying off tokens to create a buy pressure.
7. You will need DiamondToken to farm BNB from profits.
8. Listing on DEX pancakeswap, julswap, Bakeryswap.
9. We would also list on a good Centralised Exchange.

How to get DIAMOND Tokens

Join the lauchpad coming up on the 20th of April.



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Decentralized financing on the Binance Smart Chain (Farming, Multi-chain Launchpad, and AMM)